Greg culverhouse

The Crappie King 

I specialize in matching client's desires and want to a specific type of
fishing outing. Some types of fishing are laid back and relaxing, requiring
lots of patience, while others are fast action requiring lots of stamina. I
talk with my clients and determine what type of fishing will satisfy their needs.


  • 21 foot cajun central console, a very roomy and stable boat.


  • I have a large assortment gear that will meet the needs of anyone, beginner to professional.

  • Decades of experience
  • Guidance on the art of fishing
  • Drinking water
  • All fish cleaned and packaged
  • A guaranteed good time

The crappie King Guided fishing Trips

About Greg

My name is Greg Culverhouse. I offer guided fishing trips that are guaranteed to catch fish. I specialize in catching crappie, white bass and hybrid bass.

My passion is fishing and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skill with people who have not had the chance to catch fish in large numbers.

Some people like to fish and just about everyone likes to catch fish. That's what I do ...catch lots of fish! Come on lets go fishin'! ​

The Crappie King